LFG provides a turnkey solution to the building , development and upgrading of government border posts.

The expansion, upgrade and improvement of Beitbridge Border Post in Zimbabwe

The Directors of LFG, founded Zimborders who won the concessionaire tender to upgrade and modernise Beitbridge Border. LFG is the operational and management vehicle of Zimborders. The scope of works includes but is not limited to a full upgrade of the border terminals where by 3 new terminal buildings will be constructed and all related systems will be upgraded. In addition, the non scope of works includes but is not limited to developing the fire station, housing sewer line, housing electrical supply, reservoir, water pipeline and sewage treatment plant. The project is currently underway

Before : Birds Eye view Southbound

After : Birds Eye view Southbound

Future Impressions

Future Impressions of Freight Parking

Future Impressions of Entrance

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